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Who are we?​

CAI Project LA is a private non-profit institution, whose purpose is to design a space for meeting, reflection, discussion, and innovation in all forms of creative expression. It is a large cultural center complete with a theater, cafeteria, library, art gallery, cinema and bookstore.

CAI was thought up by artists committed to the promotion and dissemination of art in general and with the desire to establish in California a space of international reference, which promotes research and studies on the performing and visual arts. CAI is a dynamic space where art coexists with contemporary artistic creation.​

With an interdisciplinary approach, CAI combines the organization of temporary exhibitions and theater cycles with academic activities and projects in collaboration with other institutions and entities in the country. Through its program, CAI presents lines of thought around issues related to current artistic creation.​


CAI is, in short, a space for enriching dialogue between artists and users.

CAI is committed to inclusive and open activities, aimed at a diverse and broad audience. Given that some groups need more specific resources that are adapted to their vital circumstances, CAI promotes and finances projects that need institutional support in order to be viable and visible.

CAI offers all active social groups, among which are included those visitors with different sensory abilities and functional diversity or at risk of exclusion, cultural activities in which they feel they can participate.​

“The cultural richness of the world is its dialogue diversity. Each culture is nourished by its roots but only develops in contact with the others."​

UNESCO statement
Cultural Diversity World Heritage Site
Paris, 2001


Culture, as the set of human relationships, transcends time and allows man to preserve, reproduce, create and value new knowledge for the transformation of his social and cultural environment. Culture is considered a fundamental factor for the quality of life, as well as an essential dimension for the preservation of identity, governance, citizenship, social cohesion and creativity of a human group living in the same community.​


The influence of culture in the development of a community is decisive, to the point where one cannot speak of culture outside of society, nor of society outside of humans in all their diversity. Cultural Projects make culture socialize and spread.​

CAI Project LA establishes as a community objective, to characterize socioculturally the community where we are immersed.​

In this sense, our project delves into the knowledge, information and development of the values that make up the historical memory of the community where we are.​

Its inhabitants and visitors will know the tastes, preferences and cultural needs of our community, starting from the conception that the inhabitants of the community are the object and subject of it.​

The diagnosis of the reality of our community allowed us to determine how one of its cultural needs is the insufficient dissemination of cultural activities, as well as the lack of resources for its production. This conclusion allowed us to project actions so that these needs are satisfied and contribute to their cultural development.

Coordination, cooperation, communication, understanding of the existing socio-cultural situation, definition of how one wants to be, the need for change and development of community awareness, are fundamental elements that contribute to the daily life of the community where the center is located. These elements in turn guarantee its development.


TYPE OF EVENTS sponsored by CAI Project LA​

Book fairs

Musical concerts

Theater plays

Dance Works

Gastronomic fairs

Art biennials

Film projections

Poetry recitals







All of this generates an economic impact for the city where the CAI Project LA headquarters are located.


Cultural and recreational spaces have positive effects on the value of real estate.

These help to increase the value of urban heritage in terms of real estate capital gains. Among the external factors that are considered to define the added value are the location of the property and its characteristics, among others the proximity of cultural centers.

Areas where accessibility to culture as a dynamic element that generates employment and consumption in a commercial area register a surplus value of a high percentage of its value, according to statistical data. Incorporating cultural spaces generates greater urban habitability and development in the communities.​

CAI Project LA Objectives

Program, promote and produce shows, exhibitions, forums and workshops that allow the dissemination of the cultural heritage.

Recreate and intellectually and emotionally enrich those who come to the center, through the creation, production, promotion of events of various genres that benefit cultural integration.

Promote the understanding of the benefits of enjoying the visual arts of our time.

To be a platform that guides and enables guidance for those who migrate to Los Angeles, USA.

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CAI Project LA is a sum of actions that activate the cultural production of a set of disciplines, whose aesthetic and symbolic purposes allow us to emotionally explain that parallel world, which from the initial life, we build with our hands.​

CAI's intention is to give visibility to innovative artistic activities, organized around successive experiences of improvement, capable of generating productions that, due to their resistance nature, allow the survival of a contemporary discourse to that of the new generations that question and respond. .​

By confronting the two constructs, their similarities and differences are integrated. From this synthesis, we erected the foundation that guides and enriches CAI's vision. We couple an environment in which the necessary serenity capable of withdrawing is breathed, to the contingency of the free will of creation and artists.

CAI becomes a space provided with narration and expression as a metaphor for the nature of artistic practice; Nothingness and zero degree constitute our transformation vehicle. This position, the foundation of CAI and inherent to the vanguard of the space, allows those who want to integrate, to participate in experiences in multiple genres. Against the regret and the inoperability of the nostalgic, we bet on evolution, on change, on utopia.​

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CAI Project LA Activities

The activities that make up our audience training plan are:

Creation workshops.

Conversation forums.

Laboratories that link the context and the biography of the participants with the artistic discipline.

Introductory lectures to a discipline or artistic appreciation.

Accompaniment workshops of the creative process of a work with open rehearsals.

Meetings with the creators.

Basic medical-care orientation

Free information for professional artistic development in LA

"To survive one must tell stories"
Umberto Eco
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