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Our Resident Artists

Gerardo de Pablos
Actor and Director

Artistic training:

Dramatic Art.

Center for new creators. Cristina Rota.

Classical theater

Cyrano de Bergerac.(E. Rostand) dir. Paloma Mejia Marti.

Les Miserables (Víctor Hugo) Dir. Paloma Mejía Martí.

Hamlet (William Shakespeare). Dir. Giraldo Moisés.​


Awarded as best actor for Hamlet (Valladolid)

Contemporary theater

"Nubila" (Angelica Liddell).

Theater director

"Las niñas ya no quieren ser Princesas" (Borja Texeira)

Director Gerardo de Pablos


"Hola! ¿Qué tal?". Directed by Isabel Prado. TV presenter.

"Hospital Central" Telecinco.

"A.M.F.A.A" Serie.



"Attack of the Unknown"


His Artistic Management proposal

The ultimate goal of the CEI 2020 Performing Arts Festival is to provide a different experience to the audience, bringing them closer to the theater from another window, closer to that of the mere spectator, delving into the magic of the creative process. For this, the organization will try to provide the space and the basic technical means that each of the stage proposals requires. Each potential participant will be asked for a document with the technical requirements of their project.​

The proposal is developed in two alternative ways:

Meet and Greet

In a theater or black box space: Celebrating the theater. Stage proposals lasting 45-50 minutes (it could be one or more short plays until that time is reached) and dinner (the ticket price would include both). Creators and artists share moments and experiences of the creative process with the public. Specific talks with topics such as: The creation of a character - The writing process - From paper to stage, how to make an idea tangible, etc. We are talking about an event that will last a total of two or two and a half hours.​

Café theater Headquarters Casa de España Inc.:

One or two proposals that do not exceed 10-12 minutes each and if there are two, in no case in a row. The public would attend a "dinner show" where they will have a first service of food once they are installed and a second service of food towards the middle of the show. If the stage proposal is a single monologue (25-30 min duration) it will be presented before dinner with a subsequent chat among the attendees while eating, in both cases the artistic team could also stay to share with the attendees.​

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