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Our Resident Artists

Christian Rodrigo Muro
Actor - Producer - Director - Acting Coach​

Representation: Global

Well known in the industry for working with big names on the national and international theater and film scene, and for his role as Pedro in the British series Snatch.


Member of The Actors Gang, a highly prestigious North American theater company whose artistic director is Tim Robbins.

He is also a member of the famous The Actors Studio, where stars like Robert De Niro, Paul Newman, Al Pacino, etc. have come from. Christian is also the creator and director of the micro-theater festival Brisk Festival.

Among the more than 40 short films in which he has participated, the award-winning Wings, starring and produced by himself, stands out. ​


He has participated in more than 10 feature films, including Little Ashes, Trash, El premio, No way out, Vale Madre, Assassin (last film starring Bruce Willis) and The War Necklace.

With his production company Full Emotions, based in Los Angeles and Barcelona, he has produced and starred in numerous projects that have participated in the most important festivals in the world such as Tribeca, Sundance or Cannes.

He has also produced major music videos that have received millions of views, and has produced for Discovery and NBC among other television networks.

“I feel extremely lucky every time I get to play a new character on set or on stage. I just feel so alive and thankful”.
Christian Rodrigo

His cultural proposal


Personal development Actor Coaching
Direction and production Theatre-Feature Films

A workshop is a meeting in which a group of people with interests, knowledge or professions in a specific field, actively participate in an intense performance where they debate and investigate the training of the actor.​

The main objective of the workshops is to increase the knowledge of each of the individuals who attend through active and participatory exchange with others and with themselves through active and participatory exchange with others and with themselves, in a short but intense.​


The experience of group work generates interactive actions where problems generated at the moment are debated, based on a general theme. The CAI workshop activities focus on the here and now.​

CAI Project LA, through Christian's experience, organizes open workshops with diverse participation.
Participants will value their personal growth from collective creation, helping participants to build unity, cooperation and association.​
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