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Our resident artists

Luis Fernandez
Actor - Producer

Actor, writer and director. Native of Venezuela. A recurring character on the CW's DYNASTY.

Also known for his tour-de-force performance in Golden Globe Official Entry for Foreign Language Film 2018 "Tamara", Best Actor at Milan Film Festival, Fine Arts Film Festival. Dominican Republic and the Yale University Latin American Film Festival. ​


Awarded Best Actor for his performances in:

"Caracas, Love into Death"

 "Desnudo con naranjas".

"Un sueño en el abismo" 


As a director, he created the most successful shows of the last decade in the Venezuelan theater. He recently directed the original versions of Broadway plays like "High," "Chicago, el musical."

As an author, he has been on the best-selling lists in Latin America for his series of essays "Sexo sentido" (Sense of Sex) on which he based the television series "El sexo sentido" (script and director) now in production.

His Proposal:

Venezuelan cinema and theater

Venezuelan cinema:
Direction and acting
Write in Spanish:
A challenge
to meet

Versatility is the art of creating. ​

Luis Fernandez accompanies us in this CAI experience to promote, organize and manage innovative creative projects. ​

His criteria backed by his career enriches the project, and contributes to those who come to share their ideas with us, both their experience and their entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

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