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Proposal for the PERFORMING ARTS

Cooperation is the agreement by means of which two or more actors decide to join efforts seeking a common purpose. From a deductive approach, the term "cooperation" is inscribed within what is conceived as inter-institutional cooperation.
CAI ¨PROPOSAL for the PERFORMING ARTS¨ understands the inter-institutional agreement as a need for cooperation whose purpose includes the execution of theater training programs and includes the execution of theater and acting training programs in its different modalities.​




In collaboration with:​

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The TRAINING PLAN for the Performing Arts is an initiative of the CAI Integrated Arts Center that aims to generate and systematize knowledge spaces that promote the professionalization of theatrical makers.​

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Through the cooperating institutions, it seeks to reach the Spanish-speaking population to promote Spanish as a community language. These spaces will be constituted from generating articulation and development agreements with artists, articulation and development with artists, theater groups, independent performing arts teachers, NGOs, cultural and educational organizations. as well as Universities, University Institutes, Public Management Institutions. CAI offers to organize, CAI offers to organize, project and systematize the offer of seminars, workshops and courses through the different Training Plans.​

In this way, the Training Plan in the Performing Arts tries to be a management and coordination tool that facilitates the objectives of generating stable and continuous spaces for discussion, debate and promotion of the development of theatrical activity in Spanish in THE. That makes it possible to contribute to the integration and sustainable development of theater activity through the transfer of knowledge, the production of performing arts and the circulation of shows in LA.​

Extend theatrical promotion to its final beneficiary, the public.​

"The wonder of theater is that it has no formulas, you never know what is going to happen, theater is that intangible element that allows an actor to perform in a totally different way than he had done the day before.

Invariably there are issues that concern me, such as the aspect of timelessness: theater is not a video, it is not a film, but something absolutely transitory in its essence: We know that when the curtain falls we have seen a performance that will never be repeated never.

Another fundamental issue is the issue of space and time, and the reaction that the director, the actor and the viewer have when facing these two elements, which is why there has been a marked concern in me towards the staging, always trying to distance myself from , as I believe that the great creators have done, of the routine performance, of the literal reading of the text.

Lastly, it is worth highlighting how Stanislavski, who carried out the comprehensive review of the actor, associated his work with external elements, for example, the smell... he said that I hope a smell would come out of the stage... that smell is what I I call worrying about the non-literal reading of the show."

Carlos Gimenez


CAI : Performing Arts

It was created with the aim of promoting and favoring the contemporary creation of new languages and innovative proposals related to stage action. ​

With this new proposal we hope to arouse interest in this artistic manifestation and favor those who attend our call.

For this, CAI provides spaces for meeting, reflection and debate, as well as an exceptional educational program for attendees and participants.​

"Let us resurrect, in the light of speech, the deceased words... Let us break the logic of space-time, understanding that reason is not enough to understand the world, nor to know the human being".

Kalinka Corbacho


Starting from the dialogue as a communication synthesis, we propose, to those who want to accompany us, to explore the proposal

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We invite creators to get lost with the viewer between the imaginaries of life and real dramas.

We propose to the viewer to experience the border between what is real and the carnival of emotions.

Creators and viewers, let's make culture a game to activate our sensations by combining medium, space and time... Tragedy, satirical drama, comedy and dance lie at the ROOTS.​

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