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CAI Project LA Resident Artists

We want to show you our group of passionate artists who, through their selfless work, show us that art can be a powerful vehicle for social change and awareness of the issues that matter most.​

Each of them brings us a unique perspective and a diverse range of skills that enrich our organization. Through their works, they allow us to explore and reflect on crucial issues, inspiring us all to take action and contribute to our common mission.​

They have decided to join CAI Project LA showing their deep commitment to our organization, supporting our cause with enthusiasm and dedication.​

Explore their biographies and works below and discover how their art contributes to the positive transformation we all seek in our world.​

MimiLazo (1).jpg

Actress - Producer

Actor - Producer


Actress - Writer - Director

Actor - Director


Actress - Writer - Director

Actor - Writer - Filmmaker

GeraldBarryFillmore-Garcia (3).jpg

Our nonprofit organization believes in the power of art to inspire, educate and empower communities. If you share this vision and are willing to donate your time and creativity to make the world a better place, we encourage you to become part of our team of committed artists.

Here you will find a supportive and collaborative environment where your work will be appreciated and your artistic voice will be heard. Together, we can create meaningful impact and forge a brighter future through art and community action. ​

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