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Primary Care Center CAI Project LA

Innovative medical information platform for migrant artists in California

Primary Care Center (C.A.P.), is a revolutionary initiative that seeks to offer information on the medical care provided in California. Through this our permanent social innovation project, CAI provides all the information and primary medical options to those subjects involved in the artistic field who are in immigration status.​

CAP is a strategic project whose main objective is to facilitate, solve and design primary medical information systems for migrant artists in California. Our main purpose is to guarantee that subjects in a situation of migration, refugees, temporary residents and permanent residents, who are dedicated to the arts, have access to the most appropriate and timely primary medical care options.​


We believe in social innovation as the engine of positive change. Our mission is to address the complex problems of today's society through forward-thinking ideas and strategies. Through this approach, we seek to overcome existing alternatives and provide effective, simple, fast and equitable solutions for migrant artists.​

We provide detailed information about healthcare options in California, enabling migrant artists to make informed decisions about their well-being.​

CAI Project LA connects migrant artists with a network of health professionals, and with experts in the artistic field, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences.​

Join CAI!​

If you are a migrant artist in California, the Primary Care Center (CAP) is your ally to receive quality medical care and support in your artistic career. Our passion for social innovation drives us to continue to evolve and provide you with exceptional services.​

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Contact us today, and be part of the positive change in your health and well-being!​

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