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CAI Project LA Team

Our team is comprised of passionate art lovers and committed advocates for the art community in California. Each member brings their experience and dedication to provide comprehensive support to artists who come to or reside in our state. Together, we work to encourage the growth and promotion of your artwork, contributing to California's vibrant cultural scene.​

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Hands that build... hands that deconstruct


Kalinka Corbacho

When I had the need to understand existence, I decided to live between what is necessary and what is contingent... what is necessary is relative (subjective) what is contingent is survival. Philosopher and Educator... I feel parallel to the initial world that we transform with our hands. I try to put into perspective the meaning of existence as a resource to survive the asphalt and the day to day. I always return to the utopian and the unconscious as peculiarities of an intuited sense of communication, a reality that translates the moments of the individual's social existence into an integrating whole of sensitivity, emotion and reason.​
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David Rodríguez Sánchez

Born in Madrid, Spain, he is a photographer with a higher degree in photography who has carried out important projects with passion and dedication. One of his outstanding achievements is the co-authorship of the book "Nada y sus hermanos", where each image created awakens stimuli, sensations and emotions, embodied on paper as if by magic. He also collaborated with Kalinka Corbacho in the audiovisual project "Vertigo en pandemic".

David Rodríguez Sánchez has always connected with the world of photography and art, using his talent to convey emotions and tell stories through his images. His participation in collaborative projects demonstrates his ability to work as a team and his commitment to artistic expression and exploration of human experiences.


Tatiana Rodríguez

Chef Tatiana, born in Florida USA and raised in Venezuela, with extensive managerial experience in restaurants and hotel chains such as Ritz, Carlton and Marriot. She currently works as a private chef for renowned figures in the music and sports industry.
Tatiana y Juvenal2.jpg

Juvenal Rodríguez

Born and raised in Venezuela and having worked as a chef in Barcelona, Peru and Los Angeles, Chef Rodríguez brings vibrant Latin flavors and a sustainable, local spirit to contemporary Spanish cuisine. Chef Rodríguez offers locally and internationally inspired cuisines.​
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