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CAI project LA
Fiscal sponsor of your project

We facilitate the management of subsidies for independent creators and producers through our Fiscal Sponsorship program. Get financial support for your creative projects with CAI, and promote a positive cultural impact in your community. Your donations are tax deductible in the US.​

Grant management is easier to accomplish when your goals are well defined and you also have the support of a nonprofit organization that can help you achieve your financial goals. Our Tax Sponsorship program allows creators to raise funds that are tax deductible in the US at any stage of development, production, distribution, exhibition or campaign. CAI welcomes applications for all creative projects from all independent producers, innovators, artists and filmmakers who are actively working to promote inclusive, positive cultural impact that contributes to the development of communities.​


Grant management is crucial for any project that relies on external funding. Here at CAI, we simplify this process to maximize the positive impact on our communities. Let's look at what grant management entails and how it can benefit your project.​

What is a Subsidy?
A grant is a fund awarded to applicants for a specific purpose or project by government organizations or agencies after rigorous evaluation. These funds do not require reimbursement, but must be appropriately managed and reported on their use and impact.​


Grant Management Process

Grant management encompasses the oversight of the grant from inception to completion, applicable to both donors and applicants.

  1. Start of the Program: Design and configuration of the subsidy program.

  2. Reception and Review of Applications: Evaluation of the applications received.

  3. Decision Making and Granting of Funds: Project selection and disbursement of funds.

  4. Post-Grant Evaluation: Evaluation of the use of funds and the impact of the project.

Types of Subsidies
There are several types of grant financing, each with its own characteristics:

  1. Competitive Grants: Awarded based on the merit of the application.

  2. Continuation Grants: For those who have received previous funding and are seeking to renew it.

  3. Formula Scholarships: Awarded to predetermined recipients based on specific criteria.

  4. Transfer Grants: Funds allocated to be used at the discretion of the receiving state.


Grant Applicants and Grantors

  • Applicants: Entities seeking financing for projects. They can be non-profit organizations, educational institutions, companies or individuals.

  • Grantors: Entities that design, administer and evaluate grant programs.

Grant Life Cycle
The life cycle of a grant is divided into three main phases: Pre-award, Award, and Post-award, each with its own procedures and requirements.​

With CAI, grant management will be more simplified and effective, allowing creators and organizations to achieve their financial goals and make a meaningful difference in their communities.​

For any question about fiscal sponsorship with CAI Project LA, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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